Disciplined Entrepreneurship

is a book for entrepreneurs written by Bill Aulet, the Managing Director of the Martin Trust Center for MIT Entrepreneurship. The book and framework described in it inspired this toolbox, created by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs.

The book

Disciplined Entrepreneurship book cover

Disciplined Entrepreneurship is changing the way people think about entrepreneurship. The book shows how innovation-driven entrepreneurship can be broken down into discreet behaviors and processes which can be taught to the intelligent, hardworking, people using this book. More details...

The framework

24 Steps Journey Illustration

The Disciplined Entrepreneurship framework consist of 24 steps which include market segmentation, quantifying the value proposition, defining your core, mapping the process to acquire a paying customer, testing key assumptions, developing a product plan, and more.

The team

Marius Ursache & Eddie Vlăgea

We’re Marius and Eddie, and we are passionate about business, design and technology. We’re using the DE24 principles in our startups and creating this tool for ourselves first. If you have ideas or suggestions for this toolbox, let us know. Send us some love using the form below.

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